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Flowers for Weddings

Bride’s Bouquet – Posy Style in White

Bridal Bouquet – Posy Style Bouquet of White Roses and White Freesia from £55.00.

Bridesmaids Bouquet – Orchid Shower

A stunning Bridesmaids Bouquet of Phalaenopsis Orchids (partially wired). From £90.00

Brides Bouquet – Orchid Shower

Brides Bouquet – Orchid Shower A bride’s Bouquet created with Phalaenopsis Orchids (partially wired). From £120.00

Rose & Orchid Vase

An arrangement of Grand Prix Roses and Pink Cymbidiums Orchids with trailing Ivy was created by one of our florists for a promotional event in the City.

Red & White Vase Arrangement

A Red and White Vase Arrangement created for a wedding service

Hearts Desire

This delightful arrangement comes complete with vase and sisal collar (colour to complement the flowers). This arrangement comes in a variety of colour combinations and is suitable for any occasion. Please speak with one of our florists re your particular colour scheme. Prices from £40.00

Seasonal Arrangement of Flowers (in vase)

Colourful ,beautiful arrangement of seasonal flowers, perfect for any occasion. From £50.00